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Garlic Benefits: Garlic works to improve immunity, protects against cancer

Garlic Benefits ; Despite its strong unlikable taste, we can't deny benefits of garlic. It is a natural antibiotic and has an instant action when infected with common seasonal diseases.

Garlic Benefits

The dietitian Dr. Rowaida Idris will tell " Be Healthy " readers about garlic benefits for health and says :

Garlic contains a compound called Allicin which is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant. And it acts as antibiotic in an effective way. And for those who don't like its taste they can take it as tablets or powder.

The most featured benefits of garlic can be summarized below:

Treat cold and flu:

studies have shown that eating garlic regularly works on improving immune system so it protects against colds. And as garlic is antiviral it is an important treatment for cough and sore throat.

Skin treatment:

garlic is an antiseptic so using mashed garlic in food helps in activation the active compounds in it and that improve your diet. but garlic is not the only treatment for acne and we should not depend on it only in treatment for acne but you should take it beside other medicines

Cancer prevention:

garlic works on improvement of immunity and prevent from cancer , and it has great effect in slowing the growth of cancer cells

the most effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome

garlic works to reduce

protect the heart :

garlic contributes to lower cholesterol level and the studies have proved that it works to protect the aorta and blood vessels from low blood pumping and all factors which cause heart diseases

treatment for tension :

garlic works to reduce stress and tension it also has the ability to reduce arterial contractions it also works to slow the pulse adjust the heart beat , relieve symptoms of dizziness and hard breathing

protection for colon

garlic helps the digestive system to do its work efficiently it works to get rid of body toxins , as well as stimulate the secretion of digestive juices it considered good repellent for intestinal worms , it has a calming effect of diarrhea , it can treat colon infections

treatment for diabetes :

garlic regulates blood glucose level , increasing insulin secretion in diabetes it is an effective way if you take a tablet or two tablets a day

for asthma :

garlic treat breathing , asthma and cough problems and facilitates the process of disposal of substance suspended in lungs

for the ear

garlic oil can eliminate ear infections because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and elements act as a natural antibiotic for the body

For "Dieting":

Allicin compound that is found in garlic works to reduce levels of triglyceride and blood pressure and promote the work of insulin. According to US study, the alicine compound reduces blood pressure and triglycerides during when doing experiments on animals and it also noticed that they lose weight

treatment for acne

For the liver:

Garlic works to reduce the levels of triglycerides in the blood, and facilitates the movement of fat and cholesterol in the intestine and it is known that High triglyceride level leads to Cirrhosis of the liver


Garlic has a good effect in promoting libido in both men and women.

Treatment of hemorrhoids:

it is Proved that garlic may be an effective way to eliminate the pain of hemorrhoids.

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The chili provides you with vitamins and it gives you coolness feeling !

Chili peppers ; Despite of its spicy and hot taste , which may not be endured by many people , but it contains a lot of important benefits , that makes it a vital source for health

chili peppers contains high amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene which turns in body to vitamin A, In addition to that, chili provides vitamin B, iron, magnesium and potassium

chili peppersCooked or uncooked vegetables , which one has more benefits ?

The chili contributes to give the body a coolness feeling during the summer , because it contains a substance called " capsaicin " which is responsible for its hot taste and makes the body gets hotter and through the secretion of sweat this substance cools the body according to "Evely" German magazine

chili peppers

Chili has many Therapeutic benefits , it has been noticed that :

  • it reduces body pain and inflammation

  • Improves digestion process

  • Helps in burning fats

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Strengthening bones

  • Give you lower levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood

  • prevention of prostate cancer

It's mentioned that chili peppers can be kept in the refrigerator for a week, it can also be dried or picked up with oil for later use

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Benefits of cucumber , what you don't know about it !

Benefits of cucumber ; Cucumber from the vegetables that is almost found in any kitchen , and it is from food items that should be eaten throughout the summer . Cucumber consists of about 95% of water , and it is ideal for fitness , it also has benefits for beauty , but it also contains many other benefits that are not yet known, know it in the following

cucumber Benefits

Cancer fighting : cucumber Benefits

The Cocorbitacin substance that is contained in cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties , and reduces the growth of cancer cells , it has antioxidants that allow protection of cells from free radicals which are responsible for the development of certain cancers , cardio vascular disease and other diseases

Helps in dieting : 

The cucumber consists of about 95% of water so it's from refreshing vegetables that contains low calories and enhances the sense of fullness . it also very helpful for those who wants to control their weight and according to Japanese researchers , biting cucumber helps not to store fats in belly area

Properties that reduce Cardiovascular diseases

Cucumber is a natural source of magnesium. fibers and potassium and these are the three components that helps in lowering blood pressure level and if it is eaten with its shell it supplies the body with enzyme "peroxidase" which is a protein that helps in lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels and so it reduces the risk of heart and arteries diseases

cucumber consists

aesthetic value : 

Cucumber is found in the combination of many beauty products, it helps in fighting itching and redness of the skin. It's soothing properties combined with its anti-inflammatory properties help to smooth the skin and treat dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

a natural diuretic. :-

The water that is found in this vegetable contains Many important minerals and rare elements in addition to that, it's high potassium and low sodium makes it ideal in removing Toxins and excess water in body, and if it is eaten regularly it's wonderful to dissolve kidney stones

Soothes and fights stress:-

Cucumber is naturally soothing and fights stress and anxiety and the pyridoxine in it also known for its clamming properties and used in certain treatments for children that suffer from anxiety

For refreshing mouth breath

Cucumber helps to get rid of bad breath . Leave a slice of cucumber sticking to the mouth cap for 30 seconds , as from its characteristics it removes the bacteria that is responsible for bad mouth breath

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Slimming Legs : The 3 most amazing natural recipes for slimming legs

slimming legs ;Many of the women are careful to keep their legs and beauty, but many women follow a series of unhealthy and unhealthy habits that build up fat in the area, which leads to a deterioration of the beauty of the legs. In this article we will talk about the reasons that lead to the accumulation of fat in the legs and a set of tips to get rid of this problem in addition to a set of natural recipes that help you get rid of fat legs.

Slimming Legs

Causes of fat accumulation in the legs area:

  1. One of the main reasons that lead to accumulation of fat in the legs, eating a lot of foods that contain a lot of high calories and high fat, fast foods contain a high proportion of unsaturated fats, which work on the accumulation of those fats in the region of the legs and abdomen In particular, these unsaturated fats build up in the abdominal area because the body is unable to absorb those fats, which works to store these fats in the abdomen.

  2. There is another reason for the accumulation of fat in the legs is the consumption of soft drinks and the consumption of juices that contain natural and a large amount of sugars and harmful substances, these soft drinks and juices are working to give the body excess weight in addition to it works to infect the body different diseases .

  3. Don't eat large amounts of water throughout the day of unhealthy habits that work on the accumulation of fat in the body, drink water regularly works to get rid of accumulated fat because it helps to increase the body's ability to burn and thus helps to eliminate the accumulated fat in the body especially in the legs and abdominal area.

  4. Eating foods that contain a high percentage of sugars such as sweets and chocolate, especially dark chocolate leads to the emergence of fat in the legs.

Effective tips for successful diet system

Methods of slimming legs:

There are many ways to resort to a lot of people who suffer from fat legs, for example there are natural methods that depend on natural materials and there are medical methods and there are ways to rely on depriving the body, each method certainly has its advantages and playfulness and here we will talk about the different ways of The legs are slender.

  1. Methods of sport lounge wear legs:

    Sports is a very important and necessary sport. In general, it is necessary for both slimming legs and general health. The sport helps to redistribute fat in the body on a regular basis and helps the body to enjoy good health. There is a range of exercises that help to slim down. Legs, for example you can climb the stairs daily to get rid of the fat in the legs area quickly and effectively, it is best to keep up the stairs and use daily and dispense with the use of the elevator to remove the fat accumulated in the leg area. And for much help to get rid of fat legs quickly and efficiently and is very healthy and safe way for slimming legs.

    Squat exercises Another type of exercise that helps to get rid of fat legs quickly and effectively, to do squat exercises must be standing with the foot away by shoulder, and squatting as if you sit on a chair and then must focus the sight of the horizon and the chest is open and the caress be parallel to the toe .

    The weight should be focused on the heel of the foot. Slow down afterwards. Do not bend the trunk more than 45 ° The last step is to push your foot to stand.

    Resistance exercises are another type that helps to slack the legs. The resistance exercises are performed for half an hour twice a week. Rubber is used under the foot and the other foot is flexed to get up and down.

  2. Ways to slimming legs with natural recipes:

    Natural recipes are indispensable for slimming the whole body and not just for slimming legs. Natural recipes depend on all the natural elements and natural substances that increase the burning rate in the body.

    The benefits of natural recipes are not only in slimming and the elimination of different body fats. Enjoy the healthy body and ideal body as well.

fat in the legs

Recipe vinegar with ginger: slimming legs

Is one of the natural recipes that help to reduce the legs, three tablespoons of the solution is mixed with three tablespoons of ground ginger, the former two ingredients are mixed with the addition of a little lemon juice, this mixture is placed on the legs and roll the legs with nylon paper and leave this mixture for half hour .

After that, the legs are washed with warm water. I will keep this recipe three times a week and you will notice a tangible result.

Coffee Recipe: slimming legs

This recipe depends on coffee, half a cup of hot water and add a cup of ground coffee until we get a cohesive paste texture, put this mixture on the leg area and massage the legs for at least ten minutes, massage the legs helps to activate the blood circulation in this The area helps to stimulate the muscles in the leg area, which helps to get rid of the fat accumulated in them.

Wash the legs with hot water, preferably repeat the recipe of coffee every day and for a month in order to obtain the satisfactory results.

natural recipes slimming legs

Turmeric recipe: slimming legs

Turmeric helps to reduce the legs effectively and quickly. Bring a tablespoon of ground turmeric and a teaspoon of ground ginger. This mixture is placed in water, three cups of water. Leave this mixture in the water until it boils. Then take this mixture in the morning and cup before lunch and cup before sleeping, you should note that ginger and turmeric can lead to irritation of the stomach in the case of allergies of these herbs and in the case of irritation should stop immediately taking this recipe.

Here are some tips for slimming your legs:

  1. Drink water in large quantities helps to get rid of the accumulated fat in the legs, water works to increase the ability of the body to burn these fats in addition to water helps to break up those fats, it works to get rid of toxins in the body effectively and quickly. At least 10 glasses of water must be taken daily to maintain a healthy, slim and ideal body.

  2. Massage the legs helps to stimulate blood circulation, and it helps to get rid of existing fat, and you can use creams rich in caffeine because these creams help to eliminate the fat in the area of ​​the legs.

Exercise in the exercise of the slumbering legs is important and necessary, these exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the legs and thus help to burn fat in the legs.
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The Relation between weight gain and eating bread

Bread is one of the most important foods on which everyone depends on eating their food. It is nutritious, inexpensive and affordable, but opinions differ about its effect on weight. Some consider bread to be one of the main reasons for increasing body weight.

And bread is one of the carbohydrates that must be available in the diet of any person and the intake of these starch is related to the amount of calories that a person burns it, so the athlete needs a higher amount of carbohydrates than those who do not exercise.

white bread brown bread

And for the types of bread has many types but the most famous two types:

  • Brown bread:

It contains a large number of fiber and a low proportion of sugars and calories so it feels full man more than white bread.

  • White bread:

It contains a large percentage of sugars and a few fibers but has the same amount of calories that are found in brown bread.

Here are the health benefits you can get from baking:

  1. Provides the food that the body needs.

  2. Protects the gastrointestinal tract and promotes body energy levels.

  3. Protects the heart and brain.

  4. Helps the stomach digest food.

  5. Strengthens the human feeling of fullness.

  6. Contains many important minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B and metal magnesium and iron.

  7. Does not contain a large proportion of fat except some species that contain high proportions of fat such as French bread and nuts bread.

  8. Provides the body energy and brown bread specifically contains the complex carbohydrates that also contribute to the sense of human satiety because the body is burning it slower, while white bread contains simple carbohydrates.

body weight

For the bread-weight relation:

Some believe that it causes weight gain but the most healthy view is that no food itself does not cause this, but what causes this increase is the way of preparation. If added sugar, milk, margarine, etc., it would turn into a food containing High in fat and calories and that if taken in too many quantities it is normal to increase this body weight.

But white bread causes more than brown bread to increase body weight because it is prepared from refined flour absorbed by the body quickly and it contains simple sugars that turn inside the body to fat and fiber that contains a few and most of them are lost during the refining process, it is better to replace bread Brown or whole grain bread and try to reduce the amount you eat from it.

types of bread

Here are some different types of bread:

  • Flaxseed Bread:

Contains important minerals, fibers and fatty acids and is the most useful bread for health.

  • Rye Bread:

It is characterized by the fact that it does not contain wheat and reduces the feeling of bloating and contains a few calories.

  • Oatmeal:

Contains a high concentration of complex carbohydrates that enhance the human feeling of satiety.

Bread is a good healthy food, but try to follow the tips we listed so that it does not harm your health.
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Ideal ways to lose weight without much effort

Ideal ways to lose weight without much effort

Not everyone follows the right ways to lose weight. The majority of people depend on herbs, grains and paints and may often choose ways that do not match the nature of their bodies.

Here are some of the best ways to lose weight that you do not need to work hard or do yourself and protect with some tips for optimal use so that you do not hurt yourself:

Ideal ways to lose weight without much effort

Apple cider vinegar:

It is used with effective failure to burn body fat, but its acid material adversely affect the layers of the stomach, causing it scratches and sometimes ulcer and therefore should be used very carefully and under the supervision of a specialist doctor so as not to cause yourself harm and you can mix it with garlic In order to get a perfect result but should not be taken on an empty stomach and in limited quantities so as not to get yourself stomach diseases.

Cereals and capsules:

Many of them depend on natural products such as herbs with a mixture of chemicals, but taking them for a long time causes the intestine and the body sluggishness and can't function properly without taking it, causing serious damage to the body and health and may cause injury Vital organs in the body damage such as liver, kidney, colon, heart and sometimes the brain, so when you use, follow the doctor's prescription specifically and do not take excessive doses or continue for a long time.

ways to lose weight

Hot drinks:

It is known to have a positive effect on excess weight in the body, including tea, green tea, cinnamon, ginger and herbs, but their excessive use may cause serious damage to the body. Ginger may cause pressure to increase and the herbal mixture may cause colon damage. Swelling, severe diarrhea and abdominal pain. Therefore, you should not take too much of it, and it is enough for a maximum of two cups a day. If you feel any harm, do not hesitate to consult your doctor immediately.


Is the main culprit in increasing body weight, most people do not regulate their food and eat only everything that falls under their hands, thinking that the important thing is to eat, but in order to enjoy the person good health and protect himself from overweight and accumulation of fat and fat in it must He should choose the foods that he is given by all the nutrients he needs from vitamins, minerals, salts, proteins, healthy fats and fibers, and be careful to eat them in balanced quantities and to organize the times and number of meals.

Water, fruit and vegetables:

The most important types of food that any person should be careful about, the person should drink at least eight glasses of water every day and eat vegetables and fresh fruits of all kinds in balanced quantities.

damage to the body

Sports: ways to lose weight

Many people neglect exercise due to laziness, tiredness, busy work time, responsibilities and reality. Exercise is one of the most important things that maintain the health of the body and help to give it the ideal weight and weight and protect it from the accumulation of fat and fat in it.

In order to succeed in reducing your weight you should reduce the intake of fatty foods and sweets and to consult the doctor when you need the right advice.
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Toast and honey diet

Toast and honey diet; Weight loss diets that take a short time are often unhealthy and therefore not recommended to follow them. Dietary diets in general The patient should first consult with the doctor before following them.

The diet of toast and honey:

It is one of the best types of fast food diets that succeed in reducing body weight in just two weeks, but still gives him the necessary carbohydrates in a simple image because the slice of toast is small and thin, the body does not need to make a great effort to absorb it with the addition of benefits Which honey bees give to the body.

Toast and honey diet

We offer you a program of bread and roasted honey, divided into days and meals:

Saturday : Toast Diet and Honey Diet

  • Breakfast:

A slice of toast - a piece of cheese or low-fat cheese - a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.

  • Lunch:

    Large boiled vegetable dish - half chicken - large green salad dish.

  • Dinner:

1 cup yogurt - a large glass of orange juice without sugar - a slice of toast.

Sunday : Toast Diet and Honey Diet

  • Breakfast:

A cup of coffee or tea without sugar - two boiled eggs - a slice of toast.

  • Lunch:

Grilled Large Fish - Vegetable Salad.

  • Dinner:

Slice of Quraish - a slice of toast.

Monday : Toast Diet and Honey Diet

  • Breakfast:

A slice of toast - boiled egg - tea without sugar.

  • Lunch:

Vegetable Salad - Two slices of grilled meat - boiled vegetables.

  • Dinner:

Boiled egg - a glass of low-fat milk - a slice of toast.

Tuesday : Toast Diet and Honey Diet

  • Breakfast:

A slice of toast - coffee or tea - a piece of cottage cheese or low-fat cheese.

  • Lunch:

    One type of fruit with desired quantity.

  • Dinner:

Slice of toast - low-fat milk - vegetable salad - cheese Quraish.

Wednesday : Toast Diet and Honey Diet

  • Breakfast:

A cup of skimmed milk - seven grains pass.

  • Lunch:

1/4 grilled grilled chicken - boiled vegetables - vegetable salad.

  • Dinner:

A slice of toast - two boiled eggs.

Thursday : Toast Diet and Honey Diet

  • Breakfast:

Eat as desired from previous diet days.

  • Lunch:

Eat as desired from previous diet days.

  • Dinner:

Eat as desired from previous diet days.

Friday : Toast Diet and Honey Diet

  • Breakfast:

A slice of toast - cheese or low-fat cheese - orange juice.

  • Lunch:

Boiled vegetables - two slices of grilled meat grilled - vegetable salad.

  • Dinner:

Eat as desired from previous diet days.

honey diet toast diet

In order to ensure the success of this diet should consult with the doctor first because it will determine whether it is appropriate for your health and physical condition or not and you should not be negligent exercise physical and motor sports and at least walk for thirty minutes a day and you should drink Excessive amounts of water with at least eight cups daily.
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Fast Diet for the Bride

In this exclusive article about Fast Bride Diet Submitted by " Be Healthy " Team that Specialists in fitness and health field , Fast Diet It is real and not a myth .

[caption id="attachment_761" align="alignnone" width="300"]fast bride diet fast bride diet[/caption]

First Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: A Slice of Toast + 1 Tomato, Medium. -Launch: 1 Fresh Fruit – Any kind of fruit you like. -Dinner: 2 Poached Eggs + A dish of green salad + 1 Grapefruit.

Second Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: 1 Grapefruit + A Poached Egg. -Launch: A Slice of Toast + Roast Chicken (Any Quantity) + 1 Tomato, Medium. -Dinner: Roast steak +a Dish of Green Salad.

Third Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: 1 Grapefruit + A Poached Egg. -Launch: Fresh Fruits (Any Quantity).
-Dinner: Roast Beef + A dish of Green Salad + 1 Grapefruit.

stomach diet

Fourth Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: A Slice of Dry Toast -Launch: Fresh Fruits (Any Quantity). -Dinner: 2 Poached Eggs + A dish of Green Salad + 1 Grapefruit

Fifth Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: A Slice of Dry Toast -Launch: Fresh Fruits (Any Quantity). -Dinner: Roasted Fish (Any Quantity) + A Dish of Green Salad.

Sixth Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: A Glass of Grapefruit Juice. -Launch: Fresh Fruits (Any Quantity). -Dinner: Roast Chicken + Carrots (Any Quantity) + 1 Grapefruit

Seventh Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: 2 Poached Eggs + Roasted or Fresh Tomato (Any Quantity). -Launch: 2 Poached Eggs + Cooked Spinach. -Dinner: Roast Steak + a Dish of Green Salad.

bride diet

Tips to follow the fast Diet:

- It is allowed to drink Tea/Coffee/Lemon Juice without Sugar.

- Do not drink Milk or eat butter or any kind of fats.

- Do not eat any snacks.

- Follow this Diet for only 1 week and if you want to repeat it then you can after 2 weeks.

- No alternatives for those products in this Diet but you can replace launch with dinner on the same day.

fast diet

Advice for a slim buttock to the bride:

- Food to not eat altogether:

It is very important to know that for a slim buttock then you must stop eating junk food and those which is full of fats and salt. Stop tasting desserts that are full of sugar replacing it with fresh fruits and natural juices.

-Doing specific exercises:

Besides walking which is considered to be the main exercise to slim the buttock. You can do some special exercises which are easy and fast to burn the fats in buttocks area such as standing on the side of any wall in the house and start banging each buttock as if you were hitting it. You can do it whenever you want during the day and as much as you want.

-Drinking hot drinks:

It is preferred to drink hot drinks which are boiled and Stay away from those burning fats drinks which you hear in the advertisements all the time. Just a cup of Hot Mint and Green Ginger and Green tea and Grounded Pomegranate Peel once a day before going to sleep helps a lot to achieve your goal faster.

-Using some of slimming recipes:

Put in mind that you need to use some of the natural recipes that are rich in materials that you can't get from any other source. And to make sure you enjoy a slim buttock before the wedding. You can use the coffee recipe by mixing 3 spoons of coffee with a ½ cup of hot water. Rub the buttocks and areas that are wanted to be slimmed for 10 minutes with this recipe. Repeat this twice during the day.

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Turkish coffee to lose weight and lift the body

Turkish coffee to lose weight ; Coffee is one of the most drinks that contain many health benefits and has proven effective in reducing body weight of all types of green or American or Turkish, but should not be overly over the limit because it will cause the body to many health problems and is therefore recommended to eat Moderately.

Turkish coffee to lose weight and lift the body

Turkish coffee and inhibition of appetite:

The caffeine found in Turkish coffee and all other types of coffee works to inhibit and reduce appetite. Open appetite is the main reason for increasing body weight due to the high intake of food, which means that it has an effective contribution to weight loss And the elimination of grease and fat in it.

Turkish coffee and exercise:

In order to lose body weight effectively, in addition to adhere to a healthy diet exercise and physical activity and physical exercise and often feel the athletes pain during exercise and therefore, eating Turkish coffee with caffeine content works to reduce the pain that Infect muscles because caffeine works to strengthen constriction and provides the necessary energy that you need.

The following is the way to work Turkish coffee properly to effectively use it to decrease body weight and eliminate its fat and fat effectively .

Turkish coffee to lose weight and lift the body

Turkish Coffee Ingredients:

Six tablespoons Turkish ground coffee - half a cup of hot water.

How to prepare Turkish coffee:

Put the Turkish coffee in a suitable bowl and add hot water to it. Mix the mixture well until it is perfectly homogeneous. Then put the mixture on your whole body and rub it for 15 minutes before you go for a shower. Wash your body thoroughly with water. Hot and then dry with a soft towel and try this method twice a week for a whole month and then you will notice that the difference appeared on your body clearly.

Tips for the success of Turkish coffee use in weight loss:

This does not mean that you only rely on the use of the previous mixture or Turkish coffee regularly and you are not followed by a healthy and healthy diet and do not practice physical and physical activities and exercise, but this method is only one of the factors contributing to the success of decreasing Your body weight. Therefore, you should try to choose a healthy and healthy diet that contains all the nutrients that your body needs from minerals, vitamins, proteins and fibers. You should also drink liquids in large amounts, especially water, by at least Eight cups a day.

In order to show the appearance you wish you should be careful when you begin to decrease your body weight because the process takes a long time Do not rush it and do everything in your power and get rid of the causes of anxiety and tension and frustration Do not give attention to the words surrounding you and that may Do not forget to consult your doctor before you do anything to avoid harming yourself and your health.

Turkishcoffee to lose weight
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Yogurt Dieting System for best weight loss solution

Yogurt Dieting System

yogurt dieting system;Yogurt is one of the dairy products. The most common yogurt available in the market is cow's milk. Yogurt is produced after fermentation of milk by brown bacteria or special fungus, and has many labels such as thyme.

If you are looking for a diet program that will lose you extra weight, especially the abdominal area, and it benefits you, we recommend you to follow the yogurt diet.

Yogurt Dieting System

Why Yogurt Dieting System ?

Yogurt contains lactobacillus acidulous bacteria that ferment milk, and lactose contains the digestion of lactose sugar found in milk.

The scientific studies confirmed that yogurt has the remarkable ability to accelerate the process of burning fat in the body, where it was observed on people who eat low-fat yogurt, a frequent way of weight loss and disposal of body fat, especially rumen.

In a study of more than 400 people who ate yogurt under a diet based on reduced carbohydrates, sugars and fats, they lost more than 80 percent of abdominal fat, 22 percent of their weight and 61 percent of body fat in just 12 weeks , Thus achieving people's dream of losing extra weight without discomfort, especially women who complain of accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Each 100 ml of skimmed yogurt contains:

Energy: 44 calories / 158 kg

Fat: 0.5 g

Protein: 4,6 g

Carbohydrate: 6,3 g

toast green salad

Yogurt Dieting System: green salad

  • Day 1: Open.

  • Day 2: 1/4 grilled or boiled chicken with vegetables + piece of toast + green salad and yogurt pack.

  • Day three: boiled piece of meat + 2 cans of yogurt + salad.

  • Day 4: Grilled chicken + yogurt + green salad.

  • Day 5: Medium fish + piece of toast + green salad, then a yogurt box.

  • Day 6: 2 egg omelet with mushrooms can be sliced vegetables + salad + loaf.

  • Day 7: 1/4 kilo grilled rissole + 5 tablespoons yogurt salad with cucumber + small loaf.

Supper for yogurt for a week

A yogurt box + 3 types of fruit including an apple.

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Effective tips for successful diet system For Body weight loss

Effective tips for successful diet system ; Body weight loss comes with a healthy lifestyle based on proper nutrition and exercise. The correct diet regime should be followed by a specialist doctor who can determine the body's; body and what is appropriate for it.

Here's a list of effective tips for your diet to succeed

Denial: Effective tips for successful diet system

One of the most common mistakes that; many people when trying to lose weight is to deprive themselves of food and miss some of the meals; Body weight loss to succeed is by; eating style and not the quality of food itself; for example, should be divided into five meals or six meals; So that the body does not feel hungry because when this happens; the metabolism is not done properly and the body will break the nutrients it needs; and will feel the desire to eat more food in the next meal.

Effective tips for successful diet system

How to eat: Effective tips for successful diet system

Chewing food quickly leads to a feeling of satiety only after a period of time; because the stomach needs some time to send signals to the brain; that it has got enough and this can not come and the person does not give her enough opportunity; so when eating must be Slow and on stays.

Breakfast: Effective tips for successful diet system

Many neglect the breakfast after waking up and this is one of the most harmful things to health because the body is in a situation where the need for food after long hours of sleep and if a person does not eat, it makes the stomach withdraw from the stock, which negatively affects the ability The person to withstand all day and feel sleepy and tired and wants to eat sugars that give him high calories and therefore breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be neglected or missed.

Water: Effective tips for successful diet system

Be careful to drink plenty of water every day because it works to save the body and give the muscles flexibility and help in the process of representation of food and eliminate fat and grease in it also reduces the desire to eat and gives man satiety faster And remove it from excess salts.

Vegetables and fruits: Effective tips for successful diet system

One of the most important foods that must be introduced in the diet for everyone, whether they want to lose weight or not because it gives the body many benefits and nutritional values ​​that need and contribute to the grant of satiety and therefore it is recommended to eat between meals when feeling hungry.

Body weight loss

Sugary and gaseous drinks: Effective tips for successful diet system

Contains large quantities of calories that the body cannot absorb or remove them stored in the form of fat, which causes weight gain, and therefore it is recommended to replace them with natural fruit juices and water flavored with lemon and rose water.

Sports: Effective tips for successful diet system

The proper diet alone is not enough to maintain the body or eliminate excess weight. Exercise is important in order to prevent the appearance of tingling, tightening the body, strengthening the muscles, and the exercise that is recommended to walk every day for at least thirty minutes and Aerobic exercise, yoga, pilates and zombies.

Psychological condition: Effective tips for successful diet system

One of the most factors that lead to the failure of the diet system because if it was bad and the person was suffering from nervous tension and despair and depression will not succeed in losing weight properly and therefore advised to stay as far as possible from the causes of psychological stress and exercise relaxation and go to Recreation tours.

Try to protect yourself from being overweight by following a healthy lifestyle from the start for Body weight loss.
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