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An Alternative Treatment for Cancer Between Reality and dreams

Alternative Medicine has approved its therapeutic benefits in a lot of diseases ; But has this medicine approved an ability in curing cancer? . The Institute of Cancer Research ,Britain, introduces some sorts of supplementary nutrition or alternatives that are used in healing this disease .

Here we have a list by most notably sorts

cancer treatment

Gerson Therapy

this therapy is one of the most disciplined treatment . It requires an anal coffee injects for cancer patient and eat a large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables with their juices and take supplements supporters of this treatment; claim that it is able to clean the body and stimulate metabolism . However, until now there is no scientific evidence of its authenticity On the contrary ; Gerson Therapy may be harmful to malnourished patient

The Macrobiotic diet

this diet consists of plant-based diet containing breakfast cereal,cooked vegetables and whole grains . As with Gerson Therapy , there is no scientific proof of its ability to treat or control the symptoms of cancer . Although this diet contains some healthy foods , it may lead to malnutrition or even imbalance in nutrients if they weren't studied well . This research is still going on to find how successful are these diets in prevention or healing cancer


Bromelain is a natural enzyme ,it exists in pineapple . A recent German study has reported that it may help to boost the immune system and control inflammation . A lot of German studies have also shown that treatment by different enzyme , including bromelain; helps in control cancer symptoms and treat it also . These studies were applied on patients ; who have breast and bowel cancer; where these patients didn't complain of anorexia or bowel problems compared to patients

who did not receive the same treatment Future research is expected ; to show additional information about the ability of bromelain to play a greater role in treating cancer; or improving survival chances as well as controlling the symptoms of the disease


It is a herbal cure believed to originate from "the Ojibwa tribe" of the Red Indians who settled in Canada . This treatment is made from four kinds of herbs grown in "the Ontario berry" in Canada; which are the burdock root, the sheep's sorghum, the slippery elm and the Turkish rhubarb . It was first announced about by a Canadian nurse named Priné Casey; who named the herbal therapy by Her family name backwards; Written from the last letter to the first one . Now it is owned by one of the trading companies The treatment of Essiac is a mixture of roots, bark and leaves, which you .
should boil it and then you can drink the brown liquid that resulting from the process . Many people claim that this treatment,Like other treatments ,is a miracle in cancer treatment; But there is no scientific evidence until now .


Known as vitamin "B17"; it is found in apricot's seeds and bitter almonds .

Lateral is described as a very effective combination in cancer treatment . But maybe it's just an illusion

Shark cartilage

Shark cartilage is sold as a supplement, not as a medication.However, there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness in cancer treatment yet

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