Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fitness and calories

Calories have an effect on body agility, so, you should estimate how many calorie that you should get it.


If you want to lose weight you should burn more calories than the calories you entered into your body,but if you want to increase your weight . Should burn fewer fats than your body gets.

To maintain the perfect body follow these the steps:-

Before you see the steps, you should note that each person has a certain number of calories, so,You should estimate how many calories you need.

number of calories

To Calculate the number of calories that you need

Visit this site: Calorie Calculator - Daily Calorie Needs

In general this is the number of calories required per meal:


You have to divide the calories between food items every day.

For example, fruits should have more calories than proteins (Meat, legumes, eggs and fish) because you need 4-6 servings of fruit every day, but You need 2-3 servings of protein every day.

how-many-calories-to-lose-weightAll the calories you eat daily are automatically burned by metabolic processes within the body, such as breathing, digestive system and others, but if you need to lose weight You should burn it more than your body burns by exercising, increasing mobility and drinking plenty of water.

To maintain a stable weight, energy must be add it to our bodies as much as what we use energy for normal body functions and physical activity. If there are some days where we add more energy than we use
Increase Weight when we put more energy in our bodies regularly by greater use. With the passage of time, those extra energy in the body in the form of FAT. Research shows that most adults eat and drink more quantities which need and think themselves 369,385 more than they are in fact.

The meal






the lunch




80 - 100


the dinner



A pre-sleep meal

80 - 100


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