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Garlic Benefits: Garlic works to improve immunity, protects against cancer

Garlic Benefits ; Despite its strong unlikable taste, we can't deny benefits of garlic. It is a natural antibiotic and has an instant action when infected with common seasonal diseases.

Garlic Benefits

The dietitian Dr. Rowaida Idris will tell " Be Healthy " readers about garlic benefits for health and says :

Garlic contains a compound called Allicin which is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant. And it acts as antibiotic in an effective way. And for those who don't like its taste they can take it as tablets or powder.

The most featured benefits of garlic can be summarized below:

Treat cold and flu:

studies have shown that eating garlic regularly works on improving immune system so it protects against colds. And as garlic is antiviral it is an important treatment for cough and sore throat.

Skin treatment:

garlic is an antiseptic so using mashed garlic in food helps in activation the active compounds in it and that improve your diet. but garlic is not the only treatment for acne and we should not depend on it only in treatment for acne but you should take it beside other medicines

Cancer prevention:

garlic works on improvement of immunity and prevent from cancer , and it has great effect in slowing the growth of cancer cells

the most effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome

garlic works to reduce

protect the heart :

garlic contributes to lower cholesterol level and the studies have proved that it works to protect the aorta and blood vessels from low blood pumping and all factors which cause heart diseases

treatment for tension :

garlic works to reduce stress and tension it also has the ability to reduce arterial contractions it also works to slow the pulse adjust the heart beat , relieve symptoms of dizziness and hard breathing

protection for colon

garlic helps the digestive system to do its work efficiently it works to get rid of body toxins , as well as stimulate the secretion of digestive juices it considered good repellent for intestinal worms , it has a calming effect of diarrhea , it can treat colon infections

treatment for diabetes :

garlic regulates blood glucose level , increasing insulin secretion in diabetes it is an effective way if you take a tablet or two tablets a day

for asthma :

garlic treat breathing , asthma and cough problems and facilitates the process of disposal of substance suspended in lungs

for the ear

garlic oil can eliminate ear infections because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and elements act as a natural antibiotic for the body

For "Dieting":

Allicin compound that is found in garlic works to reduce levels of triglyceride and blood pressure and promote the work of insulin. According to US study, the alicine compound reduces blood pressure and triglycerides during when doing experiments on animals and it also noticed that they lose weight

treatment for acne

For the liver:

Garlic works to reduce the levels of triglycerides in the blood, and facilitates the movement of fat and cholesterol in the intestine and it is known that High triglyceride level leads to Cirrhosis of the liver


Garlic has a good effect in promoting libido in both men and women.

Treatment of hemorrhoids:

it is Proved that garlic may be an effective way to eliminate the pain of hemorrhoids.

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