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The Relation between weight gain and eating bread

Bread is one of the most important foods on which everyone depends on eating their food. It is nutritious, inexpensive and affordable, but opinions differ about its effect on weight. Some consider bread to be one of the main reasons for increasing body weight.

And bread is one of the carbohydrates that must be available in the diet of any person and the intake of these starch is related to the amount of calories that a person burns it, so the athlete needs a higher amount of carbohydrates than those who do not exercise.

white bread brown bread

And for the types of bread has many types but the most famous two types:

  • Brown bread:

It contains a large number of fiber and a low proportion of sugars and calories so it feels full man more than white bread.

  • White bread:

It contains a large percentage of sugars and a few fibers but has the same amount of calories that are found in brown bread.

Here are the health benefits you can get from baking:

  1. Provides the food that the body needs.

  2. Protects the gastrointestinal tract and promotes body energy levels.

  3. Protects the heart and brain.

  4. Helps the stomach digest food.

  5. Strengthens the human feeling of fullness.

  6. Contains many important minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B and metal magnesium and iron.

  7. Does not contain a large proportion of fat except some species that contain high proportions of fat such as French bread and nuts bread.

  8. Provides the body energy and brown bread specifically contains the complex carbohydrates that also contribute to the sense of human satiety because the body is burning it slower, while white bread contains simple carbohydrates.

body weight

For the bread-weight relation:

Some believe that it causes weight gain but the most healthy view is that no food itself does not cause this, but what causes this increase is the way of preparation. If added sugar, milk, margarine, etc., it would turn into a food containing High in fat and calories and that if taken in too many quantities it is normal to increase this body weight.

But white bread causes more than brown bread to increase body weight because it is prepared from refined flour absorbed by the body quickly and it contains simple sugars that turn inside the body to fat and fiber that contains a few and most of them are lost during the refining process, it is better to replace bread Brown or whole grain bread and try to reduce the amount you eat from it.

types of bread

Here are some different types of bread:

  • Flaxseed Bread:

Contains important minerals, fibers and fatty acids and is the most useful bread for health.

  • Rye Bread:

It is characterized by the fact that it does not contain wheat and reduces the feeling of bloating and contains a few calories.

  • Oatmeal:

Contains a high concentration of complex carbohydrates that enhance the human feeling of satiety.

Bread is a good healthy food, but try to follow the tips we listed so that it does not harm your health.
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