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Diseases Transmitted By Sex Relation

Sex relation health refers to how be healthy confidence during sex relation, and to prevention of diseases transmitted by sexual contact . 

The main causes of it are bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites infections.

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What are the diseases that sexually transmitted?

The diseases transmitted by sex relation contact were chlamydia, genital herpes . Human papillomavirus HPV, immunodeficiency virus HIV/AIDS . Syphilis, herpes simplex virus (HSV), hepatitis B and C and syphilis.


Symptoms of sex relation transmitted diseases in women include vaginal discharge . Rectum discharge, Abdominal pain, Appearance of blood in the urine and urgent urinate and in men includes testis pain . Rectum discharge . Penis discharge, burning during urinate and bleeding.


Sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed by laboratory tests analysis, like vaginal discharge culture, urine analysis, urine culture, chlamydia serological detection test, HIV test, syphilis detection test, HBVs Ag IGG & IGM test, HCV PCR test and HPV PCR test.


The treatment way of sex relation transmitted diseases depends upon the type of infection . If the infection due to bacteria, then the suitable antibiotic will be taken according to the type of bacteria . Due to the virus, then the treatment will be according to the type of the virus . If due to fungus, then antifungal treatment will be the suitable way if due to parasite, Then the  treatment will be ant parasitic agents.

The treatment course should be combined with a dwelling for pain.

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What can we do to be sexually health?

Respect marriage relationships.

Keep away from bisexual contact. Interested in the continuous cleaning and aeration of sexual organs.

Avoid making sex with an infected people.

Don't neglect the treatment if there is infection, especially in women because for examples . Women who infected with untreated gonorrhea or syphilis leads to severe disorder, and they can't be pregnant again . Pregnant women who sexually infected with chlamydia should repeat the test analysis for chlamydia detection after three months from treatment . To avoid a lot of troubles from transmitted such as infection to their babies.  

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