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Fast Diet for the Bride

In this exclusive article about Fast Bride Diet Submitted by " Be Healthy " Team that Specialists in fitness and health field , Fast Diet It is real and not a myth .

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First Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: A Slice of Toast + 1 Tomato, Medium. -Launch: 1 Fresh Fruit – Any kind of fruit you like. -Dinner: 2 Poached Eggs + A dish of green salad + 1 Grapefruit.

Second Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: 1 Grapefruit + A Poached Egg. -Launch: A Slice of Toast + Roast Chicken (Any Quantity) + 1 Tomato, Medium. -Dinner: Roast steak +a Dish of Green Salad.

Third Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: 1 Grapefruit + A Poached Egg. -Launch: Fresh Fruits (Any Quantity).
-Dinner: Roast Beef + A dish of Green Salad + 1 Grapefruit.

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Fourth Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: A Slice of Dry Toast -Launch: Fresh Fruits (Any Quantity). -Dinner: 2 Poached Eggs + A dish of Green Salad + 1 Grapefruit

Fifth Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: A Slice of Dry Toast -Launch: Fresh Fruits (Any Quantity). -Dinner: Roasted Fish (Any Quantity) + A Dish of Green Salad.

Sixth Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: A Glass of Grapefruit Juice. -Launch: Fresh Fruits (Any Quantity). -Dinner: Roast Chicken + Carrots (Any Quantity) + 1 Grapefruit

Seventh Day: Fast Bride Diet

-Breakfast: 2 Poached Eggs + Roasted or Fresh Tomato (Any Quantity). -Launch: 2 Poached Eggs + Cooked Spinach. -Dinner: Roast Steak + a Dish of Green Salad.

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Tips to follow the fast Diet:

- It is allowed to drink Tea/Coffee/Lemon Juice without Sugar.

- Do not drink Milk or eat butter or any kind of fats.

- Do not eat any snacks.

- Follow this Diet for only 1 week and if you want to repeat it then you can after 2 weeks.

- No alternatives for those products in this Diet but you can replace launch with dinner on the same day.

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Advice for a slim buttock to the bride:

- Food to not eat altogether:

It is very important to know that for a slim buttock then you must stop eating junk food and those which is full of fats and salt. Stop tasting desserts that are full of sugar replacing it with fresh fruits and natural juices.

-Doing specific exercises:

Besides walking which is considered to be the main exercise to slim the buttock. You can do some special exercises which are easy and fast to burn the fats in buttocks area such as standing on the side of any wall in the house and start banging each buttock as if you were hitting it. You can do it whenever you want during the day and as much as you want.

-Drinking hot drinks:

It is preferred to drink hot drinks which are boiled and Stay away from those burning fats drinks which you hear in the advertisements all the time. Just a cup of Hot Mint and Green Ginger and Green tea and Grounded Pomegranate Peel once a day before going to sleep helps a lot to achieve your goal faster.

-Using some of slimming recipes:

Put in mind that you need to use some of the natural recipes that are rich in materials that you can't get from any other source. And to make sure you enjoy a slim buttock before the wedding. You can use the coffee recipe by mixing 3 spoons of coffee with a ½ cup of hot water. Rub the buttocks and areas that are wanted to be slimmed for 10 minutes with this recipe. Repeat this twice during the day.

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