Saturday, April 29, 2017

How to start your way towards fitness

Almost all women want to be fitness, but they don't know how to start, this article will help you . They can't leave to be fitness in a healthy way without casing health problems.


Now, follow these steps to begin in a good way:

1.You should to be convinced that you can become what do you want.

2. Decide to be fitness for along your life not for day or week.

3. Remove all unhealthy food from your kitchen.

4. Go to the supermarket and buy a healthy food.

5.Drink a lot of water, Drink 5-6 cups of water will burn 10 calories.

6. Walk for half an hour every day this keeps your body consistent.

7.Do not neglect breakfast, If you do not eat breakfast, your diet will fail.

8.You should sleep early, Studies have proven that Lack of sleep is the enemy of diet and fitness , So your weight will increase automatically and your meal schedule will turn upside down.

9.Follow the food pyramid, don't n ignore any of the nutrients

in the pyramid& try to reduce fat.

10.Exercise regularly for every part of your body.

Exercise Now you have all the important items to start, but before you start you should to make a plan that contains all the required tasks,So that you place a signal in front of each task you perform.

Do not deprive yourself of any food you love, but in moderation, for example eating fat once or twice a week.

After a month of practicing this system You'll see amazing results & you will always be used to the health system.


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