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The Psychological Effects of TV Channels 'long following

The fact that the television became a part of modern life cannot be denied by any of us. It is rare to find a home without a TV all over the world as it brought the plenty of daily entertainment into Our homes.

However, most of them are disturbing beginning from consumptive advertisements; polemics, political conflicts; economic terrorism of high cost of living; rising prices, the stagnation of markets; real estates, and cars, financial inflation; unemployment, and big businesses' closing and banks…..etc.

There are also the advertisements to rise the manner of consumption whether directly or indirectly; brainwashing of people's values and principles; the horror and fear that are caused by watching civil and national wars' scenes.

Natural catastrophes, collective or individual terrorism; frightening countries from killing sceneries, bloodshed, crimes; and explosions are all exposed by TV satellites.

Also, they present the sights of dead and deformed people, destruction; and severe beating through demonstrations or jails` torture. The cries of homeless, unfortunate, in exile; and hungry people or whom the disasters and miseries hit their lands are seen as well.

All the scenes affect deeply in one`s self by all the tragedies they carry, so that; they settle down in the audience depth especially children and women. Worrying, fear, depression, and violence are then produced.

Children is the most important group as they are more attentive and imitative to what they see. However, the child starts to copy what he/she sees after two years and a half; while at the age of five, the child deepens the understanding of the violence messages to what he/she observes.

He/ She thus starts giving wrongly justifications and vindications to the sights the child is being exposed to. As the child did not reach the mental maturity of proper awareness; he/she believes that the world and society are the world of violence; attacks and power, and that way is the normal one.

The frequent sceneries of violence lead the child to two directions:

*The first:

Horror, fear from others, and surrender. It then leads to isolation, cowardice, pessimism, obstinacy; and decreasing the feeling of being safe and belonging to a family. It produces as well lack of endurance, getting rid of educational studies; corruption, and sometimes committing suicide.
*The second:

To rebel against horror and fear (through behavioral psychological defensive means); to hurt the surroundings of the child, violence; and the criminal behavior that leads to killing and terrorism.
horror and fear
All of these psychological protections which exist in the subconscious of children control them; and this is a very known issue. Basically from this point, the unsociable psychopathic personality comes out.

However, TV is an animated automatic process as well which takes back the creative powers out of the humans' body. How long did it last for practical achievements after passing many hours in watching? Such as; social association, reading, sport, or thinking about today and future is accomplishments.

During following TV electroencephalogram studies were made and found a rising rate of Alpha waves because of the mental discouragement unlike the times during reading or listening to relaxing music.

The studies end mentioning that television reflects the way the intellectual capabilities are absorbed and declined which causes focus disturbance; frustration, and to feel guilty neglecting the duties.
The duties, wasting the time for the personal and others` benefits, and dying down of the body.
This is completely the opposite to what reading or sport does which causes vitality, energy and rising the one`s temper.
However, for young people, watching TV for long periods increases the possibility of depression to take place.
In Harvard UN. , the latest studies illustrate that, after many years, when watching TV is more than two hours per day; each one more hour of daily following rises the proportion of depression’s happening (8%), so that the people who tend more to watch TV are ready for dejection and so more depression.
This is not different from doses, the more the doses of watching grow, the more psychological disorder occurs.
For that, the happiest people are those who less follow TV; while those who spend most of their time in front of TV channels are happy less.

sudden cuttingHowever, the happiest individuals have positive occupations “Merry Land” (prayer; visiting holy doors, friends, sports, reading, listening to music, writing, and other hoppies).

The studies proved that long hours of watching TV cause the body`s ill health like (smoking cigarettes, sipping more of coffee, food increasing and slump; moving less that leads to fatness; insomnia, and high level of anxiety and depression).
Although watching TV provides a kind of instant psychological break according to moving sufferings aside and getting them away; the relief lacks the moment TV is turned off etc….
The individual then wants to watch once more.
This psychological feeling is connected to that medium (classical stipulation).

According to this way; the human gets addiction because each following makes much more time for the other next ones.
This is similar to sedative drugs that soon remove anxiety symptoms; while after their influence ends the more worrying comes back to have more rising doses till he becomes an addict.

Do you watch TV for long hours daily?

It is observed that the tendency to watching springs from the biological orientation to any accident that is new; eye catching or an exciting matter whether it is anxious or pleasing.
The physical changes include the wide of the muscles' blood vessels, falling down of the discouraged brain waves temporary to motivate the mental processes of attention; focus, and counting the most information; while the rest of the body’s organs are still tranquil.

According to this, people get benefit popularizing advertisements or channels which make a sudden cutting down until the original program comes back.

This way makes the nervous system get ready for attention once more. It is the tool not this advertisements' content or the cutting down that draws attention.

Watching TV has serious impact over children:

The sudden cutting down cause's withdrawal symptoms for TV addicts, for instance; anxiety, excessive anger, disorder of mood; high pressure and beating, and shudder. All wide world; using TV became as bad as using drugs since they have the same withdrawal symptoms.

Watching TV extremely and increasing of the danger's circle around children.

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